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Disney it is!!!!
I heard from a few people and seems like Disney as a overall theme is a winner!!!!
So each family unit can choose a Disney movie as their "pod" theme. Please post here with the movie of your pods choice.

I have heard some ideas from pods so please confirm the movie choice.

Blaisdell/Ruggio/Ensminger- Haunted Mansion was put out there on the message board. Is that the movie you you guys want to go with?

Witt/Morgan/Hooks- Star Wars

Judy/East- Alice in wonderland

Daniels/ Lynsky- Moana

This is what I have so far.

Have fun with the themes. Let's see which pod can out do papa's peeps. May the odds be ever in your favor!!
Last Post: Sep 21st 2017
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Reunion Activities
Hello all!!!!

I would like to get everyone's constructive feed back from last years reunion. The planning has started and we want to know what worked from the last reunion, what activities you loved, how were the outings etc.

So please take time to respond to this post so we can include all the favorite activities from the last reunion.

1)Please list ALL the activities/outings/classes you remember from the last reunion.

2) What activities/outings/classes would you like to see again at this reunion? Please list them in order of your favorites, so we can make sure to get all the favorites back this time.

3) Any suggestions for new activities/outings/classes? Please take a look at the house and nearby cities and find us some ideas for new adventures.

4) Were you in charge of any activities/outings/classes/Planning last time? If yes what was it?

5) Any comments regarding activities/outings/classes that were not asked are always welcome.

Thank you
Last Post: Sep 21st 2017
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Room Choices
Put your top 3 room preferences here please.
Last Post: Sep 21st 2017
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