Here is the schedule for the week. It is still a work in progress. All suggestions are welcome.!ArwvBfAGVf52q3kMxV6G8R2C459J
Here is a link to an excel worksheet for people to add the items they will be bringing with them like board games, crock pots, movies etc.....

Please add on items you know you will be bringing for sure. 

Thank You!ArwvBfAGVf52rAWip7493xW1Coh0

Here is a work sheet for the items going to the raffle. If you would like to make a basket or bring something to be raffled off please put it on this sheet. Donations for the raffle are optional. Raffle Items can be bought, re-gifts, Freebies you get from work or other, or handmade items, get creative.!ArwvBfAGVf52rAcdP994suAHxOOm

Here is a list of Coordinators for the reunion. Please Let me know if I am missing anything or anyone.!ArwvBfAGVf52q30hVVDD0Rw3mdYh
When: 07/22/2018
Where: Pine Island Lodge
Duck , NC
United States 

Just want to start getting an idea of all the people planning on coming. I made a spread sheet with all the families who responded on GroupMe. Please let me know if I need to update any of the RSVP info.

Final price is still being worked out but it is looking like the price will be around $2000 for the first room. An additional $1000 for an extra room for kiddos if needed or desired. This price doesn't include food which we are guessing will be around $500 depending on what is decided for the food plan. 

The down payment DUE SEPTEMBER 30TH is $1000. Please contact Aunt Kris for any questions regarding payments and cost. 

For further payment info contact Aunt Kris at: