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Update on Family Reunion Costs:

We have booked the house!!!!!

The new house is located in Garden City, UT, very close to Bear Lake. The house has 25 bedrooms and is mor expensive than the ID house, but we are not renting ATV's for the week. The house costs have been adjusted to account for the price differences. Please note the amounts include house, food & cousin camp. Each families costs are on the table below and incldes total cost, money due now (50%) and the remaining costs due May 2022 (final 50%). There are a couple extra rooms if you are interested in renting any addtional rooms, they are available for $500 per room. 
  Time to get ready for our 2022 Reunion.  After much consideration we decided to postpone the 2021 reunion to 2022 and we were not able to get the Idaho house for the 2022 reunion. However, we have Found a big beautiful home near Garden city, Utah which is located right by Bear Lake. Please see for all the details. We have reserved Aquamarine, Blue Topaz and Colbalt. The three homes are all attached to each other.  

We are working on updating pricing for everyone, but this house has 25 bedrooms and has more flexablity for sleeping arrangments. It will be around $1800 per room, we will get the pricing together for everything else (food, and activities etc) soon.

Our first payment is due upon booking and it will be 50% of the total house cost. We will be reaching out to everyone to collect the any diffrenence. 

We are very excited to have found this home that has so many great features in and around it. 
If you have any questions, please ask the finance director, Kristeen Witt @  Please make payments to Kristeen or let her know if you authorize a payment from your TPFFF account.