Hello Family.  Time to get ready for our 2021 Reunion.  After much consideration, we have settled on Atlanta Idaho as our reunion destination. 
Please see  https://www.vrbo.com/884050?adultsCount=1&arrival=2021-07-25&departure=2021-08-01 for pictures and descriptions of the property.  The property is pretty remote, so we will need to make careful plans for food and other items needed for the entire week, as we will not be able to "pop" over to Walmart.  We plan to run food and activities similar to the way we have done them in the past.  Reunion planners will reach out to you for help as we get closer to the reunion.  
There are 18 rooms in the house, each family should have a room.  If we end up with extra rooms to rent, we will let you know.  The rooms are all similar but have different bed configurations.  When you make your reunion deposit, please specify what type of room you would like. 
The following rooms are available:
6 Double Queen Rooms
1 King Room + Sofa futon
2 Single Queen Rooms
8 King Rooms
1 Queen Room + bunk bed (twin/full-size)
This year we are doing finances a little differently.  The cost of the reunion includes room, ATVs, food, cousin camp and activities.  We are charging food and activities per person (with kids at 1/2 price for some activities).  Because of the timing of when we have deposits due, payments for the reunion will be due as follows:  25% now, 25% due in July 2020, and the remaining 50% due in May 2021.  Below is listed each family's cost and the amount of the 25% deposit due now: 
Vern & Toni Todd:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
Tauna Blaisdell:  $354.00 (sharing room with Kathi)($88.50 Due now)
Jenni Bingham:  $1479.00 ($369.75 due now)
Leon & Lynne Blaisdell:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
Matt Blaisdell: $1710.00 ($427.50 due now)
Gail & Jake Stroup:  $2,526.00 ($631.50 due now)
Heather & Clark Ensminger:  $2,757.00 ($689.25 due now)
Kristeen & Dale Witt:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
April & Jeff Morgan:  $3,681.00 ($920.25 due now)
Ashley & Brett Hooks:  $2,988.00 ($747.00 due now)
Kim & KJ Judy:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
Dave & Elizabeth Judy:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
Kayte & James East:  $2,295.00 ($573.75 due now)
Karen & Octavio Guerrero:  $2,295.00 ($573.75 due now)
Nicole & Dan Oka:  $2,526.00 ($631.50 due now)
Kathi Daniels:  $1,479.00 ($369.75 due now)
Chelsea & Todd Lynski:  $2,404.00 ($601.00 due now)
Michael & Nichole Daniels:  $1,833.00 ($458.25 due now)
Josh Daniels:  $1,479.00 ($369.75 due now)
Brian & Cathy Todd:  $2064.00 ($516.00 due now)
John Todd:  $1,479.00 ($369.75 due now)
If you have any questions, please ask the finance director, Kristeen Witt @ witt6883@gmail.com.  Please make payments to Kristeen or let her know if you authorize a payment from your TPFFF account.